Learning to live alongside coyotes

Published in The Riverdale Press, January 26, 2011

Coyote sightings have become a norm in and around Riverdale and on Saturday, Frank Vincenti, president of the Wild Dog Foundation, a non-profit wildlife education group, set out to explain how to live in harmony with them.

As part of a presentation he gave in Central Park called Balancing Urban Ecology or Conflict in the Concrete Jungle, Mr. Vincenti discussed reasons coyotes have come and how to keep them at bay.

The animals were first spotted in New York State in the 1920s and in the Bronx at Woodlawn Cemetery in 1995, he said. He said that Riverdale’s coyote population is most likely stable and consists of one family group that lives in Van Cortlandt Park and looks for rats and other rodents at night.

“Most of the sightings are in the middle of the night and fleetingly,” he said later in an interview, adding that Van Cortlandt Park is “probably their whole territory … that’s what I’ve seen in other urban areas.”

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  1. Joe Garcia says:

    I know of the Coyotes in Van Cortlandt Park along with other Wildlife, why are there no photo’s of them to be seen..? If anyone would like to join me to capture photo’s of the Coyotes or know of they’er loction please get back to me.. I feel this is something for all New Yorker’s to enjoy. Photo’s only.. Thank You.

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