Love Child: Cinta Laura Exclusive

Published in DA MAN magazine, August-September 2010 issue.

Cinta Laura Kiehl found herself in showbiz via a series of fortunate events that began with a very unfortunate one. Five years ago, Cinta had an appendicitis attack, forcing her to rest for several months from her serious training as a budding swimmer and prodigious young basketball talent.

Born on Indonesia’s Independence Day in 1993 in Quakenbrück, Germany, Cinta Laura is the daughter of German father Michael Kiehl and Indonesian mother Herdiana. During her extended break from sports, a dance teacher encouraged her to try out for Top Model 2006, an acting/modeling competition.

She won. And the rest, as they say, is history. During the competition, she was spotted by casting director Sanjay Maulani and was signed to play the lead in Cinderella, a TV series by MD Entertainment. A few months later, Cinta, a natural talent, was bestowed the award of Top Actress at the SCTV Awards.

Since the award, she has been in over 500 TV episodes such as Upik Abu dan Laura (starring alongside acclaimed American actor Jason Daniels), big-screen feature Oh Baby (with Catherine Wilson) and Air Mata Cinta (co-starring Glenn Alinskie and Marcel Chandrawinata), as well as in many commercials representing companies such as Samsung, English First, XL and Pucelle.

“I believe that fame is partly based on luck,” she says thoughtfully. “There are many talented people in the world who fail to make it in showbiz, so it’s hard to justify a reason why someone is famous. But intelligence, determination, professionalism and, of course, talent is needed; without them, someone might succeed but they won’t last.”

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