Covering Wall Street

Venture Capitalists Sealing More Deals With Smaller Checks

Tomio Geron at Forbes has a story today about Intel Capital, a venture arm of Intel Corp. that focuses on tech investments, rising above a difficult time for venture capitalists, complete with a reference to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” It gets most interesting at the end where Geron calculates the average investment per company in the […]

An idea for a kinder philosophy of success

I stumbled on a TED talk a few days ago and have since been hooked on many more (Oh hello assignments–give me a second). An old one stood out to me in the context of Occupy Wall Street. Here is an engrossing discussion of meritocracy and an attempt at shaping “A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy of […]

How to appease the 99 percent

Smaller Wall Street bonuses? Robin Hood Tax? No drums? How about this: large banks like Citi, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Bank of America reported shiny third-quarter earnings, but not so much from stellar performance as from booking profits on their own worsening credit. In other words, they aren’t doing as great as their earnings […]

Indonesia: Too few roads and too much credit

Car makers are drooling over Indonesia’s record number of auto sales, which could top one million vehicles by 2013, according to GAIKINDO, the Joint Indonesian Automotive Industries. GM, Tata Motors and BMW are upping their bets in the country. Toyota, already the largest car maker there by revenue, said they’re investing $387 million more in […]